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Are You Ready To Grow Your Business And Change The World?

Zeoform Micro Pulp™ is the world’s most sustainable material made from the world’s most renewable resource. Cellulose is the main component in all plants and the primary ingredient in the Zeoform formulae.

Zeoform Micro Pulp ™ is a revolutionary material that changes everything.
Made from cellulose fibres and water – and absolutely nothing else, our process technology transforms cellulose fibres into an industrial-strength moulding material capable of being formed into a diverse array of product applications.”

Whether you want to grow your market, transform your supply chain or future-proof your business, Zeoform eco-friendly materials and expertise can shift your business from where you are now to where you want to be.
Unlike other cellulose-based solutions, Zeoform material is more than just a product additive. Our biodegradable materials are a genuine alternative to unsustainable manufacturing.
Leave trees standing and oil in the ground.

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we hold the world in hands


Create high-value, biodegradable products using only cellulose from plant fibres.

we can assist in the sequestration of carbon

Sequester Carbon

Capture and store CO2 otherwise released into our atmosphere.

eliminating plastic from landfill

Eliminate Plastic

Replace toxic materials and plastic in homes and built environments.

ultimate business and market growth

Market Growth

Manufacture renewable products that leverage consumer demand.

creating circular economy with Zeoform

Circular Economy

Boost local economies, create jobs, promote a sustainable economic system.

Stop Talking About Sustainability - Act Now

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Who We
Work With

We work with leading brands, manufacturers, cooperatives and governments of all kinds. We help you to utilise biodegradable plant fibres as an unlimited resource to stimulate business growth and positively impact the world. 

Our Solutions
<img src=“factory.png” alt=“factory emitting pollution and Zeoform offers solutions”>

Brands and Manufacturers We help you distribute innovative products that align with your vision for a sustainable world.

<img src=“recyclingicon.png” alt=“recycling materials for sustainable business development”>

Cooperatives and Waste Recyclers We help you transform stockpiles of cellulose in the form of recovered paper, hemp, crops, natural textiles, and food waste into new revenue streams and opportunities.

<img src=“industryicon.png” alt=“Zeoform industry and entrepreneurs collaborating”>

Industry and Entrepreneurs We help you chase your dreams and change the world using exciting new raw sustainable building materials and technology.

<img src=“Zeoform kitchen.png” alt=“all the applications of Zeoform in a kitchen”>
Zeoforms beautiful kitchen
<img src=“plussignicon.png” alt=“click here to find out more”>

Light Fittings

Create beautiful light fittings that are translucent and stylish.

<img src=“plussignicon.png” alt=“click here to find out more”>


Replace stone, glass and disposable items with durable, repurposed alternatives.

<img src=“plussignicon.png” alt=“click here to find out more”>


Aesthetic designs and textures for flooring, furniture and other interior finishings.

<img src=“plussignicon.png” alt=“click here to find out more”>


Create stylish furniture that aligns with your brand and values.

<img src=“plussignicon.png” alt=“click here to find out more”>

Structural Insulation Panels and other load-bearing construction products

Replace synthetic and hardwood materials with a genuine eco-friendly alternative.

<img src=“plussignicon.png” alt=“click here to find out more”>

Veneer and Panels

Smart solutions in a wide range of sizes, densities and surface finishings.

<img src=“plussignicon.png” alt=“click here to find out more”>


Replace hardwoods and stone with beautiful long-lasting renewable materials.

<img src=“plussignicon.png” alt=“click here to find out more”>

Moulded forms

Replace metal, plastic and other fixtures with the world's most renewable material.

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The Zeoform Value
Transformation Method
cross hatched material


cogs in the mechanical process of refining


adding additives to Zeoform

Additives &

moulding and forming Zeoform to finish

Moulding &



shape your Zeoform like you would with timber


finishing Zeoform by painting or coating


packaged ready to sell to your customers


cellulose technology make Zeoform

The Technology Backbone

Zeoform Micro Pulp™ is a brand new super material that changes everything. Zeoform has developed a biodegradable alternative to plastic through a sustainable process technology that transforms cellulose fibres into coarse grade nanocellulose.

Using science, technology and research Zeoform Micro Pulp™ is derived from the mechanical fibrillation of cellulose, and unlike others is more than just an additive. Zeoform Micro Pulp™ is a highly versatile cellulosic composition used to create eco-friendly building and product components ranging from styrofoam-light to hardwood-strength applications.

Products applications include but are not limited to buildings, furniture, car parts, cabinets and cases, electronic housing, structural building supports, stoneware, beams, boards, sheets, veneers, lighting, chairs, musical instruments, homewares, jewellery, toys and much more. 

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We license sustainable process technology to small and large businesses so you can grow your revenues, access new markets and secure your future.

We partner with businesses and collectives to:

  •        Transform feedstocks into highly-valued products.
  •        Build a sustainable vision and roadmap.
  •        Establish a brand-aligned to global demand.
  •        Take the steps to activate your vision and roadmap.
  •        Position your business for competitive advance and enduring success.

We guide you every step of the way so you gain the clarity, confidence and mindsets needed to build and realise your greatest potential.

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falling leaves
Zeoforms high quality products to create healthy and happy families

A World With
No Pollution

Our goal is the same as yours: to grow and transform your business. By partnering with Zeoform you can shift from where you are now to where you want to be as a thriving, sustainable and ethical leader.

Mitigate climate-related risks by creating your next generation of products using innovative and cost-effective materials like Zeoform Micro Pulp™.

Contact us now and tell us about your sustainable vision. 


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