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What is it?

Zeoform - The potential

First Impressions

Organic Chemistry


Searching for a natural cure to the plastic plague | Architecture Boston Magazine

Zeoform at a Glance

An Australian-based company launching a new global industry.

An industrial strength moulding material made of cellulose fibres and water.

Made from cellulose by-products including hemp, agricultural bio-mass, recycled or discarded (de-inked) paper, cotton, rice, jute, cane, wood, bamboo and any other clean cellulose feedstock.

Produces commercial / industrial grade material ranging from styrofoam-light to ebony-dense.

Can be combined with dyes, minerals, substrates, sand, cement, carbon, kevlar and other elements to enhance colour, strength, flex, resilience, conductivity, waterproofing and other qualities.

An exciting new material for architects, engineers, designers, builders, manufacturers & makers.

Offers a sustainable solution for farmers, growers, waste managers, paper mills etc.

Will revive declining industries (eg paper mills), offer mass employment, generate new economies.

Will help make the world a better place!