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Applications – Aesthetics

Applications – Aesthetics

ZEOFORM can be sprayed, poured, moulded, pressed or shaped into flat, curved, cylindrical or spherical forms. Forms are then dried, worked, finished and coated to create beautiful and functional products and objects of all kinds.

ZEOFORM can be coloured, stained, blended with substrates (organic, metallic, pigment, conductive).

Surface and texture

Flat, smooth, embossed, textured, marbled, mottled and or translucent. Surface & texture can be formed to create unique aesthetics and can also be formed to provide additional specific functional properties.


The use of different moulding techniques – manual, compression, spray and sheet – all result in the material being formed into a dense, durable, resilient shape that may now need finishing. This material is extremely versatile once it has been formed and has dried solid.

A very diverse range of standard tools can now be used to ‘play’ with ZEOFORM. Exciting and cost effective finishes can be created using – lathes, mills, routers, thickeners, tumblers, sand blasters, lasers and more.


Using natural pigments, plant based dyes and mineral colours, an incredible range of natural, surface treated or through-body; both neutral and vibrant tones are possible. (check/use from booklet)

Natural coatings

Beeswax or carnauba wax, linseed oil, shellac or colofonium offer natural, time proven finishes that are both beautiful and resilient. These materials provide lowest environmental impact (and potentially greatest consumer appeal), being suitable for a wide variety of interior / non-weather conditions.

Synthetic coatings

For more intense conditions of moisture, temperature and wearability, the material can be coated with traditional oil-based and acrylic varnishes, polyurethanes, resins and other waterproofing products.

The binding properties of the material are comparable to a dense wood (eg ebony), and thus will interact in a similar manner with both colour and waterproofing compounds.

Intelligent Surfaces

An industrial revolution in surface treatments & colours now provides for unimaginable qualities – including colours without pigments, programmable surfaces, UV protection, heat dissipation, water absorbing or water repelling etc.