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Zeoform – The Material


…a new eco-material having the natural beauty of wood, the strength of fibreglass, the versatility of plastic… a material that’s environmentally stable, completely non-toxic, and commercially proven…

an unlimited resource that’s competitively priced and cost-effective, available for designers, artisans, makers and manufacturers worldwide…

Then you may begin to imagine the idea of ZEOFORM.

ZEOFORM is a revolutionary reconstituted material made from cellulose and water, and nothing else!

Using a patented process that converts cellulose fibres derived from discarded and waste materials into a dense, wood-like substance called ZEOFORM.

ZEOFORM has integral and structural (compression & tensile) strength, diverse moulding capacity and virtually unlimited application to thousands of industries.

ZEOFORM not only ‘lock’s up’ carbon molecules

ZEOFORM not onlylock’s up’ carbon molecules from unusable waste into functional forms, it is totally non-toxic and 100% compostable when disposed of.


Commercial Opportunities

ZEOFORM is designed and branded to generate substantial revenues in a plethora of industrial, commercial and consumer markets, leveraging accepted principles of the emerging ‘Blue Economy‘, a global trend toward sustainable business and eco-aware lifestyles.

Licenses to commercialise ZEOFORM are under negotiation in several countries. Serious inquiries for licensing and joint ventures on a worldwide basis are welcomed.

Opportunities exist in other key strategic markets.

Please contact ZEO to discuss the region you want to commercialise: or go to contact page.