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Vision / Mission


Zeoform is a game-changing technology that will impact global industry – much like plastics did in the post-war years – but without the toxic legacy that industry created! Our fundamental Vision is to demonstrate the viability and positive outcomes of a Truly Sustainable Enterprise based on a ubiquitous, plentiful, eco-friendly material capable of being transformed into an unlimited array of commercial and industrial products.

We envision that as manufacturers convert from using conventional (unsustainable) raw materials to Zeoform, innumerable new product categories and creative solutions will supply a growing market of ‘eco-aware customers’. Ultimately Zeoform will revolutionise how we make, use and dispose of everyday products.


Our mission is to develop and commercialise Zeoform through proprietary technologies – transforming waste, recovered and renewable cellulose biomass into a range of new materials for specialised and everyday use.

Zeoform will stimulate a new global economy, providing jobs, revenues and empowerment for companies and communities. From the humblest of villages to the most sophisticated industrial centres, Zeoform offers an exciting new raw material that can be moulded, made and manufactured using the simplest – to the most complex automated / robotic production methods.

We at Zeoform are proud to be on the leading edge of creating this new industry – and we invite you to join us!