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Offices / Culture


ZEO Offices

Located in the idyllic region of Byron Bay, Australia, nestled between pristine coastline and lush hinterland, ZEO first established offices and R&D facilities in Mullumbimby – famous for being ‘the biggest little town in Australia’. Populated with an eclectic mix of world-class artists, renowned writers, visionary entrepreneurs, alternative healers, nature-lovers, active families and ex-city dwellers, the region and its inhabitants are known for world-changing initiatives. A perfect place for a game-changing material called ZEOFORM.

ZEO Culture

A worldwide community of directors and employees, designers and developers, manufacturers and makers, clients and customers are invited to develop and practice a new model of ‘doing business’ – one that promotes (and rewards) passionate commitment and personal accountability, collaborative interaction and inspired contribution as key ingredients of our collective success.

Rather than govern using a ‘top down’ model, ZEO taps into a vast ‘open-source value-exchange’ network of inspired, creative, skilled, experienced individuals with ideas, designs, innovations and solutions to provide rapidly evolving products, services and support for every level of enterprise – from large-scale industrial operations to local villages in remote regions.

Thus, ZEO will affect large and small communities in which we live and exchange in entirely positive ways through sustainable business practices, innovative/creative solutions, corporate transparency and genuine fairness to improve our environment and benefit individuals, families, groups and entire cultures on a global scale.