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About Us

Zeoform HQ

Zeoform offices and facilities are located in Mullumbimby, nestled between pristine coastline and lush hinterland in the idyllic region of Byron Bay, Australia.

Famous for being ‘the Biggest Little Town in Australia‘, Mullumbimby is populated with an eclectic mix of world-class artists, famous filmmakers, renowned writers, visionary entrepreneurs, alternative healers, nature-lovers, ex-city dwellers, happy families and locals of all flavours, in a region becoming known for sustainable lifestyles.

Zeoform Culture

Zeoform is committed to revolutionising how everyday products are made, used and discarded in a overly industrialised and largely unsustainable future.

But we also believe it’s not enough to have a sustainable raw material without a sustainable philosophy.

So we are actively developing a Sustainable Corporate Culture to usher in a new, global industry and way of doing business.

By adopting an integral corporate management model – as well as ‘open source’ structure that rewards creative / skilled individuals for contributing designs, innovations and solutions to a global Zeoform Manufacturers Association database – it is envisioned that revenues can be distributed throughout a broad user-base, and stimulate exponential profitability over time.

Thus, Zeoform hopes to positively affect large and small communities through corporate transparency and genuine fairness – that improves the lives of individuals, families, groups and entire cultures, as well as the natural environment.