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Zeoform Brand

The Zeoform brand stands for ‘True Sustainability’ – in the purest sense of the word – in every aspect of our products, processes and business practices.

We aspire to a philosophy that “puts people before profits”, that gives more than it takes, that empowers individuals and companies to “make the world a better place” – while earning generous profits in the process.

In our creation of the word ZEO, we have attempted to convey something totally unique, familiar, simple yet stylish, elemental and complex, futuristic yet timeless.

FORM obviously is what the material does – it TAKES FORM! Each product designed, made and distributed worldwide will carry the ZEOFORM brand, to certify the original, authentic and ethical standards held by all Zeoform makers & manufacturers.

The Zeoform logo conveys what the material loves best – organic, rounded, curvilinear forms over straight lines and corners. Straight lines & corners have traditionally been derived from milled (timber) materials, steel structures and other ‘linear’ resources.

The shapes and structures of raw materials have largely defined the limits of product design and architecture – until now.

Because Zeoform can be applied to virtually ANY form – in time and with enough resources, transcending flat, linear, straight designs – it’s important the brand conveys this expanded potential. And, Zeoform can also be made into flat panels, straight beams, composite & laminated configurations for traditional and advanced applications.

The Light refracting through the logo compels us to ‘Stretch our Imagination’, toward a Future of extraordinarily elegant, practical, sustainable products made from Zeoform.