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Zeoform: A Revolutionary Material

Zeoform: A Revolutionary Material

Zeoform is made from cellulose and water (and nothing else!). Cellulose is one of the key components that holds up trees and plants. It gives the stems and leaves it structural strength.  Paper is mostly made up of cellulose and is a popular source of cellulose for making Zeoform. But other sources of cellulose for Zeoform can come from hemp, cotton, jute, kenaf, sugar cane and many more.

Zeoform is the revolutionary material that changes everything. The vision for Zeoform is a future in a sustainable planet where principles come before profits. Zeoform has the potential to be the world’s new plastic. Except this time, Zeoform will change the way the world works without damaging the planet. Zeoform can replace the use of materials such as plastic, wood and fibreglass without relying on petrochemicals or any other nasties. The true revolutionary aspect of Zeoform is that it is non-toxic and that it can be sourced from waste cellulose that would otherwise sit in landfill, be using up space and releasing methane.

In upcycling waste Zeoform can potentially lower the use of fossil fuels, decrease landfill usage, lower deforestation levels and most importantly create a greener economy, with sustainable and meaningful jobs.

The shift towards a more sustainable way of doing business is being heavily influenced by new ways of funding companies in a more democratic way, such as the growing use of Internet Crowdfunding. Also with the help of organisations such as LOHAS we believe that it is becoming easier and easier to lead a more sustainable life.

One day Zeoform will be used in every industry and become a household name, much like plastic did in the 1950s. Except this time the revolution is non-toxic and a sustainable material.

By Tom Rivers

See the Story of Zeoform and learn more about Zeoform

  1. jem10-23-13

    so sad you cant see a future without plastic.

    • adminzeo10-29-13

      Plastics completely revolutionised the manufacturing industry, but the time has come for there to be a more sustainable material one that is not derived from fossil fuels. Zeoform can see a future where innovative green companies are giving something back to mother nature, restoring the balance.

  2. Rehan Merchant01-12-14

    When will Zeoform be made available? I am currently using plywood, bamboo, jute and flax along with fiberglass and epoxy to create small pedal powered boats and paddle boards. Could all this be replaced with just Zeoform? Can Zeoform be created with different densities?

  3. Neri D10-07-16


    I think it is a long process to get Zeoform available as it is a very small company.. only an art director and CEO (who used all of his own money to help the company) they did a fundraiser a while ago – funds are needed.

    I worked there in 2008 and it wasn’t waterproof yet but they have been working on that for a while.. I would say in future for sure they will develop something.. they may have already. Stay tuned.

    Glad that you are thinking of Zeoform for your boats!! That’s terrific.

  4. Maria Fayyaz03-31-17

    I am so glad and proud that Australia found a way to replace plastic! But when will we start using it ? When the shops will stop giving away plastic bags ? They forbid the use of plastic bags in France a long time ago already, why the government doesn’t do the same here ? There is so many other ways to make “plastic” (potato skin, banana skin etc…) people doesn’t seem to see how bad it is unless something happens int their own circle of life…
    Bravo guys!! Well done for your discovery!

  5. Clinton White05-15-19

    I would like to be a part of ZEOFORM I live in Houston Texas. What is the cost? I want the use of your patent and will pay you to be able to use it in the USA.

    • alessio gamba05-17-19

      Dear Clinton White,

      we have received your email; we will reply as soon as possible, thank you for your interest, exciting time ahead!!

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