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Why we like Hemp at Zeo

09 Jul Zeo News | 1 comment
Why we like Hemp at Zeo

Hemp has been used for thousands of years and has been a popular fibre due to its strength and versatility. It’s still used globally today and guess what, ZEOFORM can be made from hemp! Hemp has all the qualities that ZEOFORM needs and is a great alternative to trees and cotton that is easier and quicker to grow.

Currently the world is cutting down trees at an astronomical rate. Deforestation severely affects animals’ natural habitats, damages the carbon sink, decreases nutrients in the soil and creates an unsustainable cycle where it often takes up to 100 years for a forest to re-grow – this is assuming that trees are planted after deforestation! This scenario is insane, especially if you consider that hemp fibres go four times as far as trees in the paper industry… Imagine what this could mean for ZEOFORM, especially when you consider how strong it is (see picture below of Henry Ford hitting his hemp car!). ZEOFORM is committed to making the world a more sustainable place. Using as much waste cellulose fibres as possible, making products that are sustainably sourced, alleviating landfills and locking up carbon.

Kenaf, another strong plant is becoming more and more recognised in the fibre world and has similar characteristics to hemp. Both hemp and kenaf have the potential to revolutionise the manufacturing industry as well as helping the planet restore its balance. Both plants are extremely fast growing and absorb CO2 in amazing quantities.

By Alf Wheeler

Henry Ford Hitting Hemp

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  1. Emma07-09-13

    Wow, is that Lotus in the top photo made with hemp?? If mining for these metals is so bad for the environment and hemp is such a good alternative, why aren’t there more hemp cars around in the transport industry?

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