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The ZEOFORM House of the future

15 Jul Zeo News | 1 comment
The ZEOFORM House of the future

After having a lunchtime delve into the land of TED Talks I stumbled upon a light hearted talk about sustainable building ( This particular talk looks at the embodied energy that gets used up in building a house, although it starts off by showing you how much energy can be wasted cleaning up yoghurt!

This got me started thinking about using ZEOFORM to build a house out of. After all, it’s strong enough, it’s sustainable and cellulose and water are everywhere. ZEOFORM could be used as a flat panel for walls, flooring, tables, chairs, beds, doors and even as an attractive alternative to marble! Every day we are getting closer and closer to sustainably waterproofing ZEOFORM, so it could even be the outer walls, decking and outdoor furniture.

The more and more I think about a ZEOFORM house the more and more I just want to build one. Having a ZEOFORM house would completely transform the way we think about green and sustainable housing. Imagine a house built out of readily available, affordable and beautiful cellulose fibres that can be sourced from waste paper, hemp, cotton, kenaf or jute. This house would use waste fibres that could free up space in landfills and in the process of using waste fibres, lock up damaging carbon.

This vision isn’t far off. Keep reading the ZEOFORM blog and stay tuned for the next two months, something really exciting is about to happen!

Alf Wheeler

Ted Talks

  1. David LaFever09-03-13

    I have such a house design now, the material to build it has not been available. The design is such that every piece of the house would be made from this material. It is designed to have the components made in a factory and be assembled by a family using hand tools, like building a model, which could additionally be taken apart and re-assembled in another location. Such a design could be assembled in even the most remote of locations. It is able to with stand all that nature has to throw at it. To do this it does not look like a box house. There is so much in this design there is no way I can begin to describe it here. This design is the result of my long desire to create a stronger/cheaper alternative to current construction methodologies, and my 25+ year career in the Architectural/Structural engineering industry. A truly self-sustaining and liveable structure.

    If you are interested in my “Futura” concepts, feel free to email me.

    David LaFever

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