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The Story of Stuff  //  The Story of Stuff

02 Jul Zeo News | Comments
The Story of Stuff

Annie Leonard and The Story of Stuff team use simple animations to promote and encourage people to question the status quo of the way we live and in particular, our consumer habits. Some of Zeo’s earlier blogs have shown simple ways of changing habits like using reusable bags when shopping and refilling reusable water bottles. This is just the start, Leonard’s Story of Stuff gives you a rough idea of where consumer products come from, the process of making them and why products aren’t made to last anymore.

The Story of Stuff Project highlights huge flaws in the current way that society operates. Leonard argues that our system is in crisis, that large corporations have too much power and that the consequences of this is a ruthless drive to create and sell more and more stuff.

This Project clearly shows and justifies the need for zeoform and other long term sustainable products and ways of manufacturing. After all zeoform is reusable, non toxic and is an eco friendly material that transforms waste into sustainable products that will last for generations. Here at Zeo we have dramatically reduced our waste, we reuse as much as possible and we actively encourage others to do the same.

Please watch The Story of Stuff and suggest new ideas for sustainable products and ways of living or maybe  just say what you thought of the video!

By Zen Joseph

The Story of Stuff Video


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