A message from our CEO

Together we can and together we will bring about change for the greater good, and it starts today, with creating a strong and robust value chain.

Protection for the natural and living environment is the single most important thing we are on the planet to do.  

Put simply, our goal is the same as yours: to scale your business and make the world a better place.

Our greatest joy is helping you every step of the way on your journey of business growth, education and sustainability. Together when we forge relationships it must be underpinned by the same values to achieve ultimate success, now and for the future. 

Through delivering our products and services we partner with accredited industry players, suppliers and business operators that add value to our business and yours to create a more sustainable business arena and platform for years to come.  This can only be achieved through transparency, pioneering mindset, circular systems, fair employment opportunities, and always remaining true to our core belief,

Many Cultures, One Planet, One Purpose. 

Alf Wheeler




  • Environmental authenticity and values are at the core of all of Zeoform's activities, it forms part of our individual and corporate DNA.  We are here to set standards and to be leaders in the world of biomimicry, through our activities of recycling, education and creating business opportunities for ourselves and for our partners.  We stand by the terms of ethics, quality and compliance with the pillars of Sustainable Development.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility is at the heart of our actions and individually we acknowledge that we are all players in promoting a responsible purchasing approach to our professional and personal lives.
  • By working with and alongside Zeoform our suppliers commit to observing our commitments as set out in this charter to continuously improve our actions for social, environmental and economic aspects of the our own business but our partners businesses as well and for this to continuously cascade to their own sub-contractors.
  • Zeoform's approach fits into all of our business activities and continuous improvement strategies and underpins the core of our purchasing policy.  In addition, Corporate Social Responsibility is now seen as the benchmark and an integral part of our communications and criterion, on a par with quality control, costs, scalability and guarantees.


Taking into account the environmental challenges associated with purchasing equipment and materials related to all business activities at Zeoform we:

  • Comply with the regulations and standards internationally and domestically
  • Encourage continuous improvement strategy

We include our environmental policy as a standard for the selections of suppliers and sub-contractors.

Transparency and reciprocal reporting 

Through setting up a trusting relationship from the beginning of our business suppliers and partners creates lasting and beneficial relationships over time. 

  • By the reciprocal validation of all contractual clauses
  • Through transparency during customer audits
  • Showing clear reporting of the difficult and issue related encounters on any joint projects.
  • By clearly forecasting business to supplies and sub-contractors.

Internal and External Working Environment and Regulations 

Our company's success and fortune is a direct reflection of the success of managing our stakeholders (staff, suppliers, sub-contractors and partners) and creating a healthy and safe working space.   We urge all partners to embed our policies or create their own policies in alignment with ours and ensure that compliance is always required and enforced. 

  • Complying with the current health and safety, employment protection regulations and providing suitable management systems in their country of origin otherwise.
  • Removing discrimination and providing equitable treatment in the workplace.
  • Freedom of association and the ability to collective bargaining and open business relationships.
  • Ensuring that all maintenance and minimum standards of procedures are implemented into training and development of staff and external operators and contractors. 

Governance and Locality 

Zeoform contributes to localised environmental and economic systems and strategies through developing our products with the global mindset but implementation in the local environments. 

  • We work with local governments and citizens.
  • We create viable and scalable solutions and open tenders and opportunities up to those in the local vicinity first with the emphasis on building strength in the localised economies and boosting the international market.
  • Giving the power back to local people in their local communities to benefit directly from the activities and wealth generated from partnering with Zeoform.

 Practising Fairness

Zeoform treats our customers, suppliers and sub-contractors with equity and maintains strong and healthy relationships built on mutual respect and trust.

  • All data is protected under the regulations of policies such as the  GDPR, and we respect all intellectual property.
  • We respect deadlines for contractual agreements and payments.
  • Always respect the interests of each party.
  • Adoption of a professional form of conduct to avoid conflict, delays and corrupt activities.

Nature is our hero, Commitment is our promise, how about you?

The Zeofoundation was created in 2019 to support and fund projects to create a more sustainable future for all of us on the planet.  Through creating a not-for-profit arm of our business we are able to put much needed funds into similar and compatible business ideas, support regeneration projects, and create a movement that promotes localised business opportunities.  

Nature is our hero and our commitment is our promise.