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Can you relate to the following?

  • You are jaded by seeing products that say they are environmentally friendly, but they are just “greenwash."
  • You would like to access raw materials to develop a new generation of products.
  • You are excited about the opportunity to use innovative materials on the market.
  • You work in R&D and have heard about microfibrillated cellulose and would like to start working with this amazing material.
  • You want to make products that are clean and green, and feel good about the contribution you are making to the health of the planet.

The 6-Step Process to Creating
Revolutionary Products.

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You already have a vision to make sustainable products, and you have been waiting for a solution to present itself.

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Brainstorm ideas, conduct initial research, and decide on which product you want to further explore.

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Design and specify the key parameters and specifications to formulate the hypothesis for testing a minimum viable product.

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Let us help you prototype your product, so you can wow your investors and backers to help you build your next generation product.

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Build a unique roadmap that secures supply and manufacturing capacity for your new product and market.

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Build marketing and distribution channels to meet untapped demand. 


Learn how you can save time and money on R&D costs by using Zeoform

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