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Bring your next product to life using Zeoform process technology.

Build your future, de-risk your product portfolio with our innovative, eco-friendly material solutions.

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Is this familiar?

  • You are jaded by seeing products that say they are environmentally friendly but they are just “greenwash."
  • You would like to access raw materials to vision your next generation of products.
  • You are excited about the opportunity to use new, innovative raw materials on the market.
  • You work in research and development and have heard about nanocellulose and would like to start working with this amazing material.
  • You want to produce products that are clean and use less energy; and in doing so, feel good about the contribution you are making to the health of the planet.

By 2022, 100% of 'Made by Google' products will include recycled materials with an emphasis on maximising the use of recycled materials where it can.


There Are 6 Key Steps to Creating
Your Next-Generation Prototype.

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You already have a vision to make sustainable and biodegradable products, and you have been waiting for a solution to present itself.
What is your innovation?
Is there demand?
Are you adapting an existing product idea or is it brand new? What else exists in your market? It is now time to put your vision into a conceptual stage.

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You’ve brainstormed ideas, conducted initial research, and decided on which product you want to further explore. Your next step is concept formulation - look at what makes the product work, how does it support your core values, what problems does it solve for your customer? You are now ready for product strategy.

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Product Strategy

We take your vision, concept and our proven technology to help you find the right market to make informed decisions. Our design research, testing and validation is the guide to crafting the ideal product development strategy for each and every project. Next step is to prototype your next generation product.

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Let us help you prototype your product so you can wow your investors, backers and help you build your next generation product.

With our industrial designers we can help you prototype and develop your product for the market.

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Product Roadmap

Build your unique roadmap to success that outlines your vision, objectives, strategies, priorities, and progress of your product over time. It’s your map of action that aligns you internally and externally around short and long-term objectives and how they will be achieved.

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Go To Market

Count money and feel good, knowing that your products will not outlive, pollute or generate negative health benefits for future generations. 


What is holding you back from transforming your business with Zeoform?

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