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Innovative New Raw Material

Bridging the gap between nature and
technology, Zeoform helps you find
new solutions to old problems.


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Zeoform Micro Pulp™ is a structural moulding material that can make flexible and hard products. Zeoform has commercialised sustainable and innovative process technology that transforms recovered biomass into coarse grade nanocellulose material.


Key Attributes

  • 100% Sustainable
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • 100% Renewable
  • 100% Versatile
  • 100% Scalable
  • 100% Cost-Effective

How is Zeoform Micro
Pulp™ made?

Through mechanical refining and shearing, the creation of Zeoform Micro Pulp™ leverages the process of hydroxyl bonding that occurs in nature in all plants and vegetables. No chemicals, glues, binders, synthetics or other bonding additives are added when creating Zeoform Micro Pulp™.

The material can be molded or formed into many products. It can be cut, routed, machined, drilled, screwed, nailed, and glued in the same way other unrenewable materials can be. It can also be coloured, dyed and finished to meet your needs. Zeoform is a wood replacement.

Zeoform’s superior strength to weight ratio combined with its versatility and qualities make it an ideal high-performance material for a diverse range of industries.

Businesses that use Zeoform Micro Pulp™ to manufacture their products are more sustainable than those that don’t.


Here’s How Zeoform Helps Your Business

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Future proof your next generation of products by using eco-friendly material innovation we have already developed for you.

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By recycling 1 tonne of paper to make Zeoform Micro Pulp™ you can save 17 mature trees from being harvested, 7000 gallons of water and 3 cubic metres of landfill space.

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Zeoform can be sprayed, poured, moulded, pressed or shaped into a variety of forms to meet your every need.


Benefits Of Partnering With Zeoform

  • 30 years of nanocellulose research, development and know-how.
  • Zeoform Micro Pulp™ process technology for pulping and manufacturing.
  • Data & Technical knowledge.
  • Scalable commercial solutions.
  • Unlike other products on the market, we are more than just an additive. Zeoform Micro Pulp™ is a highly versatile manufacturing material capable of being formed into high-value products ranging from styrofoam-light to highly-dense and load-bearing products.
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Key Elements of Manufacturing Success

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Zeoform Micro Pulp™ can be sprayed, poured, moulded, formed, pressed and shaped into flat, curved, cylindrical, spherical or custom forms.

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Using natural pigments, plant-based dyes and mineral colours, a large range of neutral and vibrant tones are possible.

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Flat, smooth, embossed, marbled, mottled and or translucent. Surface & texture can be formed to create unique aesthetics to provide additional specific functional properties.

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A diverse range of standard tools and practices can be used to finish. Cost-effective finishes can be created using lathes, mills, routers, thickeners, tumblers, sandblasters, lasers and more.

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Beeswax or carnauba wax, linseed oil, shellac or colophonium offer natural, time-proven finishes that are both beautiful and resilient. Other coatings can also be used.

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If you’re seeking product innovation that is at a minimum 10X better than what you have or use now, then consider using Zeoform Micro Pulp™.


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Our “Sustainability” Guarantee

Independent experts have evaluated the performance of Zeoform Micro Pulp™ and confirmed its extreme sustainability.

Zeoform Micro Pulp™ is a material that’s so toxin-free and petrochemical-free that you could eat it.

Detailed technical data sheets - that quantify just how sustainable Zeoform Micro Pulp™ is - are available on request to qualified applicants.

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Our “Biodegradability” Guarantee

We’re so confident in the biodegradability of Zeoform Micro Pulp™ as a sustainable manufacturing solution, and a replacement for toxic materials that we will supply you with our independently sourced biodegradability & environmental testing data sheets.

Detailed technical data sheets are available on request to qualified applicants.

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ZEOFORM has been called 'The Holy Grail of Eco-Materials' as its universal application is only limited by your imagination. Guided by circularity and business principles, and dedicated to positive planetary change, the universal purpose of Zeoform is to build a sustainable world.


What we are?

  • Zeoform Micro Pulp™ is made from recovered cellulose.
  • Engage in the circular economy by creating sustainable products.
  • 100% renewable resource.
  • 100% ethical and environmentally friendly.
  • 100% biodegradable.
  • Not just an additive, but a turnkey manufacturing solution.
  • Strong.
  • Versatile.
  • Inspiring.

What we are not?

  • Plastic injection-moulding and 3D printing businesses looking for a bioplastic solution.
  • Plastic blow-moulding and water bottle manufacturers.
  • Plastic bag manufacturers looking for an ecological replacement.
  • Businesses not wanting to access new revenue streams and product ranges.
  • Businesses that are content to produce toxic materials and unsustainable products.
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