Many Cultures. One Earth.
One Purpose.

We are all guardians of our planet.

Climate-related risk is everyone’s business. By sharing our vision, technology and know-how, our contribution to a sustainable global future is a manufacturing material that is 100% biodegradable and non-toxic.

Mountains meet the sea

Zeoform Micro PulpTM is an innovation that comes from nature. Through looking at nature, and its ability to replenish, grow and lock up carbon we have implemented these core elements to produce strong, renewable industrial-strength materials that eliminate noxious products from landfills and replaces them with materials that biodegrade.

Our commitment at Zeoform is we will not greenwash our product to take advantage of the rising demand for green products. Rather we believe we are a guardian of our planet, like you, and must use our knowledge, technology and this opportunity to build a sustainable future for all.


Industrial growth, technology and digital advances have driven local and global economies to where we are today. As a collective humanity, we are unable to replenish resources and remedy the mounting waste and toxicity to continue the direction we are heading.

Change is needed.

Too many trees have been uprooted, supply chains tainted with unsustainable materials and plastic manufacturing is at an all-time peak.

The opportunity this presents is to work together to solve climate related-risks which affect us all. Science tells us we live as part of a vast interconnected network of life we call our planet. Many are waking up to the need for effective and authentic change.

A new

“We are called to be architects of the future, not its victims.”
- Buckminster Fuller.

Our vision is for trees to remain standing and leave oil in the ground. We have the technology and materials you need to change supply chains....You have vision and leadership and inspirations to pioneer new creations.

Today, let’s begin a new beginning together toward a sustainable future for us and all the generations to come.

It’s time. These are our solutions:


Become a producer of revolutionary new, eco-friendly manufacturing material. It’s the competitive edge you've been looking for.

Be the change you want to see.

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Upgrade your manufacturing practices and supply chains - rid your products of toxic and unsustainable materials.

Be the leader you want to be.

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Find out more about this innovative new material. Derived from nature, we transform cellulose bio-waste into a wide range of product applications.

We’re in this together - let’s make a difference together.

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