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Imagine The Possibilities

12 Aug Zeo News | 4 comments
Imagine The Possibilities

Zeoform is made from one of the most abundant and under utilised resources on the planet, waste. Zeo uses waste cellulose, ‘locks up’ the carbon molecules and makes them into functional forms, that are totally non-toxic and 100% compostable when disposed of. Zeoform is made from just cellulose and water and can replace non-sustainable resources such as wood, wood composites, resins, plastics and fibreglass – which deplete, destabilise and poison the Planet’s environment – offering a competitive cost structure that’s profitable for manufacturers and affordable for consumers.

We use a patented technology that turns waste cellulose fibres (typically waste paper) and water into a super-strong, high tech moulding material. Zeoform is a practical and beautiful material that is a real no-brainer! Zeoform delivers high quality products at a relatively low cost, helping those that want to ‘buy green’ and make the planet a more sustainable place.

Imagine a world that uses less fossil fuels. Imagine a world with less waste. Imagine a world with enough jobs for everyone. Start imagining a sustainable world for everyone. Imagine a world full of innovative game changing solutions that focus on people and principles before profits.

By Tom Rivers

Keep up to date with Zeo’s blogs and watch this space because something big is a coming in September! In the meantime visit the EcoXpo website – or their facebook page –

Speaker eggs

Speaker Eggs


  1. Charles Sam Rice08-30-13

    Send info asap… Thanks,

  2. Frans de Bruyn09-03-13

    I am an intermediate manufacturer using mainly innovative technology to supply technology to the low volume, high profit market. I do not compete with China.

    From this web-brochure I do not know if you provide raw materials or finished products

  3. Samuel Goldwyn06-30-16

    I would like to know the volume of zeoform. I am interested in seeing the weight compared to other things such as silicon valley’s version of this material. Thank you.

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