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Align Your Business With
Sustainable Practices

Clean up your supply chain, grow your business, use renewable biomaterials.

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Do you have a foolproof plan for climate-related risks?

  • All great businesses combine vision, values and a roadmap to lay the foundation for their growth and success. Does your roadmap future-proof your business for climate-related risk?
  • Are you ready for the wave of regulatory change that will protect your environment and impact your business? 
  • Is your business prepared for the rise of consumer demand for ethical,  sustainable products? 
  • Have you de-risked the next generation of your product portfolio? Are they truly sustainable? 
  • Have you honestly assessed the goodness of fit and sustainability of your supply chains, manufacturing practices, partnerships and material usage? 

If you didn’t answer “yes” to all of the above, and a pathway forward is not clear and certain, then right now is your opportunity to start your journey into sustainability.

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Benefits of Zeoform Micro Pulp ™

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Zeoform material is 100% biodegradable and plant-based. Our process technology converts cellulosic plant fibres into a highly ethical biomaterial.

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Zeoform Micro Pulp ™ is a 100% toxic-free material. We do not add any petrochemicals, binders or glues to greenwash our material.


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Zeoform Micro Pulp ™ is made from repurposed cellulosic biomass which is great for environmental, economic and social sustainability.


Global Manufacturing is Transforming

Technology and digital integration are driving more efficiency, awareness and customisation. Supply chains and traditional raw material sources are under pressure, and climate-related risk is driving uncertainty.

Global brands and manufacturers are looking to shift quickly into sustainable business practices, biodegradable alternatives to plastic, and next generation products.

Technology, material innovation and leadership will play a major role in how businesses evolve and thrive in these changing times.

Advanced process technology and biomaterial breakthroughs, like Zeoform Micro Pulp ™, provide the market with real alternatives and strategic growth opportunities.

Early adopters who invest in new technology, renewable resources and practices, will lead the emerging new economy founded on sustainability, purpose and accountability.

What Is Your Vision For Your Business?

Your vision is your greatest asset. It is the source of your motivation, confidence and clarity. Your vision propels you to advance into an uncertain future in which you must adjust, innovate, adapt and evolve.

  • Discover a new way to make your business authentically sustainable, using only materials that are all natural, 100% toxic-free and planet-friendly. Keep trees standing.
  • Experience unlimited business growth by aligning your products with the mega-trends of the new world.
  • Awaken your customers to a new world of biodegradability.
  • Help others to discover new ways of doing business by blazing the path of business growth, success and deep care for our planet and all inhabitants.
  • Leave the herd, guide your business through uncharted waters using material innovation and sustainability as your heroes.

All of this is within your grasp.
You just need to make one single decision.

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