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Commercial Licences Available Now

Get your licence to make materials and products using Zeo IP’s proprietary technology.

Do you need to revitalise your company, keep up with the competition, or expand into a new market? With our innovative training and licensing for success, we can help. 


Are You Ready For A New Business Opportunity?

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Zeoform Micro Pulp™
Pulping Licence

Buy a licence to transform common feedstocks into Zeoform Micro Pulp™, suitable for hundreds of applications.

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Zeoform Micro Pulp™
Forming Licences

Buy a licence to press, spray or shape Zeoform Micro Pulp™ into sustainable products.

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Cement Your Competitive

This is the opportunity available to you right now.  

Whether you have a local business or a global enterprise, you're looking for real solutions and getting increasingly frustrated at the lack of truly sustainable materials (not greenwash) available on the market today. 

Go from where you are now to be a market-leading pioneer that has the innovation and products to grow a highly profitable, future-proofed business. 

Zeoform products

We Want The Same As You

Our goals are the same as yours: to be commercially successful and restore the planet. To do this, we take a step-by-step approach to give you the knowledge and opportunity to turn plant fibre into high-demand products

Our training and licensing programs are the most comprehensive in the industry.  Let us help you turn your vision into reality by delivering the best possible solutions for your business!

De-risk Your Future

Most leading businesses today make more money by licensing cutting edge technology instead of burning millions of dollars on R&D. This leaves them free to focus on their customers and helps them better manage cash flow.

We’ve invested millions in plant fibre R&D and risked everything - so you don’t have to.

We’ve got tiered training and licensing programs to fit every commercial reality.

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You can't afford to wait another day

Licence our technology processes now to turn plant fibre into your products

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Innovative Business Solutions …
Zeoform is much more than just the World’s Most Renewable Material

We guide you step-by-step to support you to make the right decisions for you, your customers and the planet.   

  • Pulping Licence

    Buy the rights to transform common feedstocks into Zeform Micro Pulp™ suitable for hundreds of applications. 

  • 3D Spraying Licence

    Buy the rights to 3D spray Zeoform Micro Pulp™ to create hundreds of shapes without joints or glues. 

  • Pressed Boards Licence

    Buy the rights to press-form Zeoform Micro Pulp™ to create a wide range of wood and wood composite replacements.

  • Aerogels Licence

    Buy the rights to transform Zeoform Micro Pulp™ into styrofoam-light insulation and packaging materials.

  • Pre-peg Moulding Licence

    Buy the rights to transform Zeoform Micro Pulp™ into limited edition ZMP production runs.

  • Coming Soon 

    Zeo’s proven innovation program is pushing our specialist knowledge and IP into new technologies and product categories. 

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