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24. How strong is Zeoform (tensile)?

Tests conducted with an Instron 4505 Universal Electromechanical testing machine (Instron, High Wycombe, UK) according to ISO 527 standards indicated tensile modulus values of Zeoform LD (Low Density 0.5g/cm3) at 1500 MPa, Zeoform HD (High Density 1.5g/cm3) at 6550 MPa. The difference in these measurements (a factor of 4) reflects the different densities. These values compare favourably with other materials such as Polyethylene (PE-HD = 1000 MPa), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC = 3000 MPa). For more technical data, click HERE.

In terms of tensile strength, the differences between Zeoform LD and Zeoform HD are significantly enhanced, revealing a difference of a factor of 8 (Zeoform LD: 7 MPa; Zeoform HD: 55 MPa). Nevertheless, the tensile strength values for Zeoform materials are also comparable to those of the other materials, at least for the higher density range (PE-HD: 25 MPa; PVC: 60 MPa; PF-HM: 25 MPa). At this point it should also be mentioned that specimens of Zeoform with unground surfaces reveal significantly higher tensile strength values, with a tensile strength for Zeoform HD of 75 MPa.

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