CSR Policy

Zeoform Corporate Responsibility Charter

Many cultures, One planet, One purpose 

What's the point? 

Here at Zeoform we understand that pollution and climate-related risk are everyone’s business. By sharing our vision, technology and know-how, our contribution to a sustainable global future is a manufacturing material that is 100% non-toxic and biodegradable.  By offering our solutions globally we can create maximum exposure, manufacturing outlets and benefits for the world and its inhabitants.

 Zeoform was imagined by our CEO Alf Wheeler when he discovered the material by chance  through a colleague and friend Martin Ernegg, one of the original team that created the material in the 80's in Europe.  Since Alf found the material his entire life mission has been dedicated to the commercialisation of Zeoform in order, to create global supply chains of one of the most organic and healthiest materials on the planet that will replace toxic and non-renewable single-use items currently in production.

He has devoted the past 12 years creating a fit for Zeoform in the market place and has invested his personal assets and donated his skills and experience to establish the Zeoform we now are.  Our Zeoform as an organisation is authentic, that will not ever taint our material with toxic chemicals or petrochemical based polymers just to 'green-wash' our customers. We believe in the integrity of our materials and all of our internal and external practices are built on this same integrity, honesty and boundary.  

We understand that in order to be in business in today's climate one must not only be for profit. As a business we limit our footprint, create opportunities for others to mitigate their climate related risks and we continually give back. We understand that giving back is a major component of being a strong, sustainable brand now and in the future and that to complete the virtuous giving circle we must also be willing and able to receive.  We gratefully receive donations in our Not-For-Profit - Zeo Foundation. Green hearted philanthropists everywhere, seeking to make the world a better place, are invited and strongly encouraged to contribute whatever they can afford.,  The Zeo Foundation elevates local communities worldwide through easy-to-use manufacturing solutions that deliver toxin-free, sustainable materials for local use. We do this by providing subsidised and free technology, know-how, training and support to empower qualified communities to transform local biowaste into sustainable manufacturing materials for local use

We are in business for the long haul, and our core values and communications are testament to our commitments.

Core Values

Our core values are a reflection of the individuals that work tirelessly delivering our product and offering to you.  We are visionaries with a purpose, we look to sustaining ourselves, but also to sustain future generations that are not yet with us.  We are Many Cultures, One Planet, One Purpose.

Global Locals

Our product should be accessed by as many people, cultures and communities as far and as wide as possible.  To make the most effective changes needed for the survival of the planet and its inhabitants is to have a global mindset with a local heart.  We design every product reflecting on this sentiment and will continue to deliver our suite of products always looking for this collaboration.

KPI: Deployment of our Factory-in-a-Box Solution to 5 different geographic locations by 2022.


Zeoform is a super-material and has the ability to revolutionise supply chains the world over. We do not condone 'green-washing' of materials to ride the tsunami wave of demand.  We stand behind the authenticity of our material and its properties to stay as true to nature as intended, pure, honest and natural.

KPI: Testing of our materials to maintain their 100% authenticity.

Mitigate Harm

We know that business will always have a footprint on the planet, and while we acknowledge this fact, we work tirelessly on ensuring that our 100% toxic-free material solutions, manufacturing solutions and education is built with care and understanding of where we fall short and working towards changing those practices with more long-lasting and sustainable ones.  We work towards helping you mitigate your harm on the planet while working on mitigating our harm.

KPI: To work towards becoming a full zero waste, carbon neutral business by 2022.

Business for Good

Through all of our communications, experience and business acumen we have positioned ourselves to be leaders and pioneers in the material revolution.  We can identify risk, act on it, learn from it and then restore balance within our organisation and assist other organisations through this process.  We understand that life is forever changing and we have to also change but stay true to our core values through this process.

KPI: Constant audit of our existing partners supply chains, value chains and criteria checking new and potential partners. 80% of all partnerships to be in line with our company's core values.

Architects of the Future

Our success is defined by not being bound to convention, and looking at our competitors wondering why we are not doing what they are doing, but instead looking within, having fun and developing new ways of doing business and creating a better world for all of us.