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Cellulose fibre

09 Dec Zeo News | 3 comments
Cellulose fibre

Cellulose fibre: the most abundant structural molecule!

Cellulose fibre is the most abundant structural molecule we have available to us.

It comes in many forms, most of which are plant based and many of which grow without any aid from human kind.

It can be utilised for many things other than food. All plants contain cellulose fibre, some have a very high percentage. Sugar cane is a commonly grown agricultural crop. When it is harvested the juice is squeezed out of the cane and then refined to give us the sugar we require.

The leftover fibre is called bagasse and for centuries it was left in the field after extraction or burned to get rid of it.

Thankfully there is no need to burn it anymore and consequently put more pollutants into our air.

It has been discovered that the left-over bagasse is rich in cellulose fibre and when cleaned and pulped this fibre can be transformed into useful objects, that we as human beings have a great need for.

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  1. julian Hanna04-06-19

    There is no apparent activity with this product.
    What are your problems?
    What help do you need?

    • alessio gamba05-17-19

      Hi Julian Hanna, there are a lot of activities going on! we are actually quite busy and building the new Zeoform website with new services. Please write an email to, regarding you interest in Zeoform.

      Looking forward!!

  2. Clinton White05-14-19

    Hoe can I get a sample? I want to be a part of Eeoform

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