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Why Zeo IP? 

Zeo IP was born out of deep frustration with the lack of pragmatic solutions for sustainable manufacturing. Zeo IP realised that much of today's manufacturing industry and practices were built when it was not a high priority to address ecological imbalances. 

We asked ourselves: how can we play a role in helping address ecological imbalances by using proven and readily available technology to create clean, affordable products that repurpose waste and utilise regenerative materials? So, we have engineered a CNF formula in which multiple waste streams are seamlessly converted into pure, non-toxic manufacturing materials and high-value products. 

A company dedicated to changing the future of manufacturing 

Zeo IP specialists and technicians have been researching and developing cellulose-based materials and applications for the last 30 years. This foundation of knowledge and dedication led to a series of breakthrough discoveries in mechanical refining processes that became the cornerstone of Zeo IP's intellectual property, which is now available in the form of high-value training and licence opportunities.

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Andrtiz refiner

The Zeo IP team has the vision and knowledge to make a difference in the world. Grounded in innovation and real-world results, Zeo IP is an organisation that is committed to connecting sustainable manufacturing solutions to people and organisations ready to answer the call. We are dedicated to changing the future of manufacturing to create a better future for all. 

Zeo IP has a history of success in sustainable production. 

We believe that a pioneer isn't just someone who can break new ground so that they can benefit while others don't. Instead, a true pioneer enters uncharted territory and shares the lessons they learned so that others can do the same yet easier and faster. 

At Zeo IP, nature is our guide, but we want you to be our hero. We don't want you wasting time and losing money trying to reinvent the wheel when we've done all the hard work for you. Let us share our lessons and breakthroughs so you can get on with what you're good at doing. If you're a dedicated professional looking to improve the world, Zeo IP is here to help.

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