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The Zeoform Value Transformation Method was born from a deep frustration with the lack of practical solutions for sustainable manufacturing. Everybody wants to talk about the “what”, and the “why”, but very few people come along with a “how-to” method that is already worked up and easy to follow. 

Many of today’s manufacturing industries and practices were built when it was not a high priority to address ecological imbalances. As a result, much of the historic investment in manufacturing infrastructure, technology and supply chains does little to build and support environmentally responsible consumption. But the world has changed, and so must we. 

Are you an early adopter and want a competitive advantage?

Experience tells us that not everybody changes at the same pace. Innovation and consumer-behaviour research suggests that people adopt new ideas and the impetus to change at considerably different rates. The first people to adapt to innovation are the early adopters and fast followers. When applying standard distribution principles, these people account for roughly 3% and 13% of any population. 

When bringing new technology to market, the critical factor is finding the early adopters and fast followers who are ready to grab new opportunities before the mainstream arrives to adopt it. If you are an early adopter or a fast follower, we are ready to share this great opportunity with you!

First steps

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Your first step

Your first step is to gain a deeper knowledge of cellulose, typically derived from plants. Cellulose is an excellent natural material and one of the miracles of planet Earth. Cellulose is made up of complex chains of molecules that give plants their strength and flexibility. 

As a living matter, cellulose is the perfect sustainable manufacturing material and is in abundance and is ever-regenerating on this beautiful green and blue biospheric planet on which we live. In the last 40 years, science has discovered how to work with cellulose at the nano-molecular level. This breakthrough in science has yet to transform the mainstream markets, but this transformation is only a few steps away. 

Industry 4.0 is driving market change at break-neck speeds, and Industry 5.0 is just around the corner. We predict that humanity will transform from dependence on non-renewable materials to adopt sustainable manufacturing materials, such as Zeoform Micro Pulp. We can teach you right now, how to make Zeoform Micro Pulp from natural cellulose nanofibrils and how to create higher-value applications. 

At Zeo IP, we marvel at the mysteries of nature and the Earth. Our success comes from questioning conventional wisdom and unlocking the secrets of cellulose that others find mundane.  

If you have any questions or want to book a free strategy session, please contact us at support@zeoform.com