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What is Hydroxyl bonding? 

The miracle of cellulose is made from molecular chains of hydroxyl groups. Each hydroxyl group comprises one oxygen and one hydrogen molecule (-OH). These molecular chains are held together by immense forces that give cellulose its versatility and functionality as a manufacturing material, e.g. wood.  

When cellulose is transformed into cellulose nanofibrils, the power of these hydroxyl groups is activated and multiplied. Zeoform uses cellulose and water, made of one oxygen and two hydrogen molecules, to make nano and microscale cellulose fibres known as Zeoform Micro Pulp (ZMP).  

The mechanical refining process that we use breaks apart the hydroxyl chains in cellulose to become small cellulose fibrils that are detached from one another. This exponentially increases the number of hydroxyl bonding points and the potential for deeper and more profound entanglement of fibres. 

Pressure guages

Pressure guages 

The importance of Water Evaporation

ZMP comes out of the production process as a wet pulp and can be shipped, stored or used immediately. Through a controlled drying process, ZMP exploits the extreme surface area generated by the process of refining to achieve next-level hydroxyl-bonds for higher-value applications.

The web-like structures of its unique matrix of fibres provide ZMP with increased structural stability, incredible water retention values and tremendous shock absorbing qualities. ZMP is an advanced, sustainable manufacturing material made entirely from just mechanically refined cellulose and water. This makes ZMP is one of the few 100% renewable, biodegradable and natural materials on the planet.  

At Zeo IP, we marvel at the mysteries of nature and the Earth. Our success comes from questioning conventional wisdom and unlocking the secrets of cellulose that others find mundane.



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