The Zeoform Value Transformation Method

cellulose fibres

After years of research and development, we have written this book to show you how to use cellulose from plants as a sustainable manufacturing material.

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Australia Smashed by 1 in 500 Year Rain Storm

Love sign Mullumbimby

Zeo is right in the heart of Mullumbimby, which is right in the heart of the Northern Rivers, in New South Wales, Australia … smashed by a once in a 100-year flood last week. The damage and the losses are catastrophic.

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The Miracle of Hydroxyl Bonding

ancient tree

The miracle of cellulose is made from molecular chains of hydroxyl groups.  This is the miracle of Zeoform.

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Determining your Refining Parameters

Refiner controls

The manufacturing of nano and micro fibrillated cellulose is done through mechanical, biotechnical and chemical processes.

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Improving Performance and Appeal

Boomerang Bowls

A range of natural and synthetic additives can play a defining factor if you are manufacturing products using Zeoform Micro Pulp (ZMP).

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Make a Plan for Sustainable Products

Zeoform circular system

Planning is a critical component of any production process. For example, improper management of feedstocks and their volumes and quality can significantly impact profitability and efficiency.

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Help me Leave a Legacy

Mans hand with a baby hand

There is a lot of talk about people wanting to leave behind a legacy.  What is the legacy I wish to create for the world?

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Is the World Ready for Sustainable Products?

Plant growing from cogs

The growth in demand for sustainable products and solutions is unprecedented. New technologies are rising, fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds. The green revolution is impacting all disciplines, economies and industries.

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Meet Zeoform. The Newest, Most Honourable Technology on the Market

Zeoform Innovation

Let’s be honest; a lot of the technical jargon of the science behind cellulose nanofibrils (CNF) goes over most people’s heads.

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Who is Ready to Run the Race? We are Ready!

zeoform next steps

Your first step is to gain a deeper knowledge of cellulose, typically derived from plants. Cellulose is an excellent natural material and one of the miracles of planet Earth.

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Winning the Hearts and Minds of New Customers

Shaking hands

Zeo IP was born out of deep frustration with the lack of pragmatic solutions for sustainable

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The World Needs Proven Sustainable Technology to Lead the Way

Zeoform Micro Pulp

Cellulose nanofibers (CNF) are natural, abundant, renewable, biodegradable, high in strength and low in weight, and attractive fibres for developing biobased, sustainable product solutions.

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The Holy Grail of Materials

Zeoform candle holder

How to future proof your business and start using cleaner, greener materials. Top 5 list of sustainable materials.


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