Sharing the Good News

A cleaner world is possible, we just need to work with each other and keep working on the solutions.


The articles that have been published about our material over the years assist with our message and spread this to different people and markets the world over; and for this, we are eternally grateful to have these stories shared about our technology and material innovation.

We are also very happy to see other articles published around the climate change debate and innovations that tackle microplastics and waste in general. It is equally important to share the good and the bad news as it assists and guides us as stewards of this great blue planet.




water on leafPhoto by Aphiwat chuangchoem from Pexel


The purpose and values of Zeoform are to create a world where plastic is a product of the past and a waste-free world is our living reality.

The more that we can educate and share our vision and our material with the world the more we accelerate the conversation around how the world looks towards using sustainable and renewable materials like Zeoform Micro Pulp ™.

Here are some articles that Zeoform has been featured in:

LEGO Plans to Make All Its Bricks From Biodgradeable Hemp Plastic by 2030 - Blindfold

New Plastic “Zeoform” Turns Hemp Into Almost Anything - Collective Evolution.

Hemp House - Alum-Student Project Targets Sustainable Homes - Carleton University

‘Searching for a natural cure to the plastic plague’ -

Beyond plastic: creating sustainable materials from recycled waste - The Guardian

A Miracle New Plastic, Made From Anything But Nasty Stuff - Fast Company


If you would like to know more about us, our story and what innovations we have on the horizon, please contact our team at Zeoform Media Team