Plant growing from cogs

The green revolution is happening now.

The growth in demand for sustainable products and solutions is unprecedented. New technologies are rising, fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds. The green revolution is impacting all disciplines, economies and industries.

If you haven't already, we highly recommend you learn more about cellulose nanofibrils (CNF) and how Zeoform Micro Pulp can transform your business world. In the world of innovation, sustainable products and profits are merely effects that come at the end of a process. They come out at the end of an innovation system according to what is put in at the beginning.

Already, nanomaterials stronger than steel and a million times smaller than a human hair are in development. And this is just the beginning. Key technologies are driving this revolution, and cellulose nanofibrils (CNF) are vital in shaping a better future for all. 

Old world vs new world

Old World vs New World

CNFs are a crucial element in the green revolution.

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, creates a physical product by printing it layer by layer from a digital 3D drawing or model. Eventually, many materials will be implemented in the 3D printing process, including aluminium, stainless steel, ceramics and even Zeoform Micro Pulp. 

Over time 3D printers and unique, sustainable materials like Zeoform Micro Pulp will overcome the obstacles of speed, cost and size and become more widely spread. At Zeo IP, we have training and licence programs for 3D spraying using Zeoform Micro Pulp. We are confident that CNF and Zeoform Micro Pulp will play a vital role in the green revolution. 

The way forward

Current boundaries between existing markets and sectors are artificial and are proving to be increasingly inefficient. More than ever, for the sake of sustainability, it's essential to dissolve those boundaries by engaging the power of innovation to forge new opportunities. 

As sustainability urgency increases, companies and organisations that fail to do this and not walk the talk by using sustainable manufacturing materials will have difficulty adjusting to the disruptions in the marketplace. Consumers are in the driver's seat and will do their talking by shifting their spending from one company to another. Are you ready for this level of disruption? Are you prepared to serve the new customer? Are you positioned for the level of innovation breakthrough? 

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