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There is no sustainability without innovation.

The longer we work in sustainable innovation, the more we realise how everything comes down to one thing - a shift in thinking. Many people try to master the innovation process to make better decisions and products, but most soon find out that no matter how much focus you place on creating better things, unless you can change how you think, nothing else changes.  

The same is valid for sustainability. Unless people change the way they think, their behaviour and the things they value most stay the same. At Zeo IP, we are here to help you make the leap into new opportunities and a more sustainable future. 


Matthew Champion Innovation Model

7 Step Innovation Method


The Innovation Process

Most successful innovation programs have several essential vital elements that create a shift in people's thinking and actions. Our research and informed practice tell us that more effective innovation results are achieved when the innovation process is developed, understood and accepted by the people involved.

We searched high and low to discover the best innovation model. The examples we found had seven (7) things in common that helped them drive innovation: (1) They each had a future-based focus or vision that was greater than the problem; (2) Each of them created ideas as the basis for new or redesigned solutions; (3) They each tested ideas to determine the best way forward; (4) They each offered their client a roadmap which led to a new opportunity; (5) Each of them developed strategies to overcome obstacles and constraints; (6) They each identified the capabilities needed to achieve the transformation; (7) Each of them resulted in an innovation bringing new value to the world.

It's important to note that product and profit are merely the effects at the end of a process. They come out at the end of an innovation system according to what is put in at the beginning. Central to all significant innovations is a shift in the creative thinking of those involved. 


The future of manufacturing 

Research suggests that building, construction, and manufacturing contribute the most to climate change. Therefore to solve the environmental issues on the planet, we need to create new or redesigned ideas for improving these sectors. Our goal is to engage with as many people as possible to cause a tsunami wave of creative thinking that helps to drive systemic change. 


The future of manufacturing rests in our hands. With populations growing, urbanisation increasing, and more people accessing the internet than ever before, there is no better time than now to jump on board the Zeo IP train. Our greatest joy is to walk beside you as you achieve your most meaningful goals. 


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