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Natural and Synthetic Additives

A range of natural and synthetic additives can play a defining factor if you are manufacturing products using Zeoform Micro Pulp (ZMP). At Zeo IP, we like to use organic additives only to improve the material properties and increase the shelf life of our ZMP. We believe it’s crucial, wherever possible, to maintain the highest levels of recyclability in products.  

There is a range of natural coatings that provide the necessary degree of protection against moderate moisture conditions. Beeswax or carnauba wax, linseed oil, tung oil, cedarwood oil, cinnamon oil, and lemon oil show promising results. Tung oil can also be used as an additive to improve the water-vapour barrier, antimicrobial and physical properties of lignocellulose materials. 



natural pigments

Natural pigments such as Iron Oxide are used to colour Zeoform

Materials pigments and colouring

Pigments are a crucial component of paint, plastics and printing. They can be natural or synthetic in origin, with some pigments being more stable than others. Natural Pigments are derived from natural resources and can be broadly classified as a plant, animal, mineral, and microbial dyes. Natural dyes can be used for dyeing almost all types of natural fibres. 

By applying functional additives to create specialised materials properties, you can enhance a product—for example, additional resistance to water, fire and aggressive chemicals. At Zeo IP, we advocate for natural additives to retain material biodegradability and sustainability authentically.  


coloured Zeoform

Coloured Zeoform 


Improving performance and appeal

There is a range of additives that make it easy to improve the performance and appeal of your products. They include colouration, and getting the right colour to match practical needs and consumer taste can mean the difference between a successful product and an unsuccessful one. 

Water resistance can be vital to a product, just like fire retardation and chemical resistance is for others. There is also insect and pest resistance to consider for certain applications so that materials are less likely to be damaged through consumption and boring.

At Zeo IP, we marvel at the mysteries of nature and the Earth. Our success comes from questioning conventional wisdom and unlocking the secrets of cellulose that others find mundane.

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