Using plants to make sustainable products 

Zeoform Micro Pulp (ZMP) is ideal for use as a sustainable manufacturing material. The nano and micro cellulose fibres in ZMP are one-millionth of the size of human hair, stronger than kevlar and more versatile than wood. ZMP can also be customised for colour, function and form. 

Using our unique method of production, we can transform plants (such as hemp, sugarcane bagasse and bamboo), recovered plants (such as agricultural waste, food, sawdust), and recovered waste products (such as cardboard, paper, paper cups and textiles), into high-value sustainable products. ZMP is used as a substitute for wood, and our vision is that all products manufactured around the world are made with renewable and circular materials. 


Zeoform Micro Pulp

Highly refined Zeoform Micro Pulp


Storage and shipping 

ZMP is a 100% natural material that will react to natural environments as any organic material would. When handling, transporting and storing ZMP, we must avoid any contamination, alteration, etc. 

A standard method used for the preservation of biological samples is sterilisation. This process aims to destroy or eliminate microorganisms that may be present on or in the sample. The sterilisation may have an objective to preserve and ensure that the sample is free from infection hazards. 


ZMP is a product that can be shipped worldwide. Yet ideally, it’s produced near the manufacturers using it to make sustainable products. Ensure every detail of the shipping process is considered to ensure that quality assurance is maintained. You can consider freezing techniques, biocides and using air-tight containers to ensure the products retain their integrity. 



At Zeo IP, we have developed several proprietary technologies for using ZMP as a manufacturing material. These include pressing boards, 3D-spraying, pre-peg moulding, and more. We’ve used ZMP to make professional-musical- instruments, furniture, building materials, jewellery, etc. If you want to learn more about this sustainable material, then get in touch with us to start your journey today. 

At Zeo IP, we marvel at the mysteries of nature and the Earth. Our success comes from questioning conventional wisdom and unlocking the secrets of cellulose that others find mundane. 


If you have any questions or want to book a free strategy session, please contact us at support@zeoform.com



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