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Methods of production

The manufacturing of nano and micro fibrillated cellulose is done through mechanical, biotechnical and chemical processes. Depending on the scale of the generated cellulose particles, methods can make micro (small) or nano (tiny) scale fibrils. The smaller the scale of the fibrils, the more refined the pulp and the greater the number of hydroxyl bonds.

Zeoform Micro Pulp (ZMP) differs from many offerings on the market because it is made from a unique blend or matrix of nano and microscale cellulose fibrils. This matrix of fibres means you can create complete structural products and solutions, without glues or binders, using Zeo IP's pressed board and 3D-spraying technologies.  


Mechanical refining basics

ZMP is made using a mechanical refining method. During this process, cellulose is fed into the centre of a compressive disk refiner, in a water-based suspension or slurry. The refiner consists of two grooved discs, one remaining static and the other in motion. Cellulose fibres and water are forced toward the periphery by the centrifugal force and sheared into a pulp between the discs. 

The distance between these disks can be adjusted, to ensure full control of the process. This allows the operator to adjust the pressure to achieve specific target outcomes. The shearing forces generated between the discs ensure the cell wall of the input fibre is delaminated and the fibres are fibrillated (transformed into nano and micro fibrillated cellulose fibrils - N/MFC).


Andritz refiner



Critical factors in determining your production setup 

There are several key factors to be aware of that determine the matrix of nano and microscale fibrils generated during the refining process. They include the feedstock type and characteristics, water suspensions rates, blade disc designs, the pressure between the discs, the number of cycles through the system, the rate at which fibres strike the disc edges, the fibre's characteristics and the number of fibre collisions. 

Knowledge of the mechanical refining process is one way to ensure a consistent, high-quality ZMP product. At Zeo IP, we marvel at the mysteries of nature and the Earth. Our success comes from questioning conventional wisdom and unlocking the secrets of cellulose that others find mundane.


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