Felt hats

Have a look around you

Look around the room or setting wherever you are right now. Chances are there is cellulose everywhere around you, but you might not see it. When I look around my room as I write this blog, I see cellulose in the wood composites used to make the desk I am writing on. It's in the cotton in the clothes I am wearing. It's in the jute rug under my feet. It's in the wood of the door that leads to my office. Oh yes, it's in the boards, wall studs and other materials used to make the floor, roof and walls around me. 


Cellulose is everywhere. Hanging on the door is my hat and jacket, both made of hemp and cotton. It's in the waste paper basket in the form of waste paper, coffee cups and takeaway food containers. It's in all of the books and shelves that adorn my walls. It's in the living plants that are in the corner. And it's in the rubbish bin beside a banana peel, apple core and the leftover orange juice I didn't get to drink. Cellulose is everywhere. 


The Magic of Cellulose

What is it that makes cellulose the miracle that it is? The magic of cellulose is that it can be broken down into cellular components and repurposed into nano-and micro-fibrillated componentry. That means everything from paper to textiles, wood products, and more can be reused as many times over without ever going anywhere near a landfill or incinerator. 


Cellulose is natural, abundant, renewable, biodegradable, high in strength and low in weight, and attractive for developing biobased, sustainable product solutions. At Zeo IP, we use cellulose to make cellulose nanofibrils (CNF), which has unique properties and characteristics for manufacturing. 



Hemp shives

Hemp Shives

CNF can be produced from various bio-materials to tailor-make nanofibrils with a specific morphology (matrix) and surface chemistry. As well as being completely renewable, safer to handle, and cheaper to produce, nanocellulose materials also possess exceptional physical and chemical properties.


Benefits of Using Zeoform Micro Pulp

At Zeo IP, we've used advanced CNF technology to develop Zeoform Micro Pulp, a sustainable manufacturing material. You can use it to manufacture various structural and formed products using presses, 3-D spraying, and other moulding and finishing techniques. 


Zeoform Micro Pulp solutions deliver lower production costs and higher value applications, and if you are ready to learn more about how you can benefit from using CNF. If you have any questions or want to book a free strategy session, please contact us at support@zeoform.com.