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Book launch

We’re so excited here at Zeo to tell you about the Zeoform Value Transformation Book. 



After years of research and development, we have written this book to show you how to use cellulose from plants as a sustainable manufacturing material. For years, our clients and supporters have been asking us to write a guidebook that gives them easy-to-follow steps. 

Until now,  advanced cellulose technology has been out of reach to business entrepreneurs and manufacturers alike. Knowledge within the cellulose nanofibril market (CNF) has been a closely held secret but the CNF market is set to explode into the mainstream and Zeo IP wants to play a significant role in making this happen. 

The 3 Stages of the Zeoform Value Transformation Method

The method is made of three simple to follow and logical stages: 

Stage 1 takes you through the pre-process preparation you have to do in order to be successful. 

Stage 2 describes the active process of making Zeoform Micro Pulp, which is an advanced CNF matrix used as a sustainable manufacturing material. 

Stage 3 teaches you the post-production process on how to create higher-value applications. 

For those of you who want to go deeper, Zeo IP has training and licensing options to meet every budget, depending on if you want to become a producer of Zeoform Micro Pulp or if you want to use this incredible material for new products and applications. 

The Zeoform Sustainability Formula

Everything we do at Zeo IP has three key objectives. It’s useful to think of these objectives as stepping stones to new opportunities for business and environmental success. All three elements must be in place for sustainable manufacturing to be realised.

#1. Commercial Viability - this represents an understanding of the nature of the business opportunity, why the opportunity is arising, and the risk of not taking up the opportunity.

#2 Common Good - this represents the human dimensions of all connections and relationships between people and groups involved. 

#3 Environmental Responsibility - this represents the physical dimensions and natural environment impacts of activities through the opportunity.

Zeoform sustainability formula

Zeoform Value Transformation

Intuition, research and informed practice shows us that if we get these three things right, we have the makings of a great opportunity. That’s how and why we developed the Zeoform Value Transformation Method. It gives you the building blocks to lower production costs and higher value applications, which are great for people and the planet. This one of a kind method shows you in simple, yet powerful steps, how to make sustainable products from waste or virgin cellulose. 

If you have any questions or want to book a free strategy session, please contact us at support@zeoform.com