The 3-P Framework for
Sustainable Value Creation

It’s not rocket science: if you take plants and turn them into products using a toxic-free process, you can’t fail to help everyone.

The world is facing an environmental crisis. Climate change and its effects are already affecting us, but there's no time to lose if we want sustainable solutions that will help shape the future of manufacturing for centuries or more! That’s why our contribution as manufacturers has never been greater

Mountains meet the sea

Zeoform Micro PulpTM is an innovation that comes from nature. By observing nature, and its ability to replenish, we have implemented these natural principles to produce strong, renewable industrial-strength material.

We eliminate noxious products from landfills because everything we make is plant based and toxin free.


We’ve developed a scalable process that small and large businesses can utilise.

From beginners to experts, our processes are easily learned and mastered. Our processes are efficient, proven, and profitable.


Zeoform products biodegrade harmlessly at the end of their life.

By making and selling Zeoform products, you are contributing to the future of manufacturing for centuries to come.






It’s time. These are our solutions


Learn how to make innovative materials and products from cellulose and agri-waste.


Get your licence to make materials and products using Zeo IP’s proprietary technology.

innovative materials


Design, test and implement new product and innovation strategies using our expertise