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Giving Back Is Our Nature

Zeoform is committed to nature and the health of the planet. We do this by actioning the UN SDG goals, promoting a circular economy, giving back to the global community and by providing a healthy and sustainable material solution.

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Using 100% non-toxic materials and replacing plastics, your children and future generations will not be living with pollution.

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Our process technology and manufacturing solutions encourage the use of renewables and zero waste.

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Circular Economy

Zeoform is committed to solutions that create a circular economy which is beneficial for everyone on the planet.

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Global Community

Our products are made using local biomass and labour. We encourage and empower global communities to be involved with sustainability on a large scale.

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Zeo Foundation

Zeo Foundation is a not for profit that aims to educate and awaken future generations to discover innovative and natural solutions to modern problems.


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Carbon Sequestration

By recycling and reusing biomass into Zeoform we lock up carbon that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere. We also provide opportunities for businesses to offset their carbon footprint by using Zeoform materials.

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Commitment to Nature

By utilising recycled and repurposed biomass (such as paper, cardboard, plant and vegetable fibres) we keep trees standing and oil in the ground.

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Healthy Materials

Zeoform makes Mother Nature our hero. Our materials are made from the world’s most renewable and abundant resource - cellulose - and utilise innovation from nature.

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UN Sustainable development goals

We are committed to making a major contribution to the UN SDGs, and encourage all brands and manufacturers globally to do the same.

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