The Number 1 Solution to Help You Build A Sustainable Products Business Since 2010

Zeo IP is an Australian private company that has developed revolutionary eco-friendly industrial materials derived from plants. Zeo IP is expert at designing and developing innovative solutions using sustainable principles to create high-value impact. Through years of trial and error, Zeo IP has mastered the art of turning innovative breakthroughs into a commercially viable product - and we make this expertise available to you.  

The opportunity today," says CEO Alf Wheeler "is empowering people everywhere to grow sustainable businesses using Zeoform Micro PulpTM Technology."





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Zero Waste is Our Culture, Our Message and More than a Trend!

'Made responsibly' is not an option - it's the new standard.

We have a culture of innovation, boldness and creativity. We strive to find new ways to solve problems creatively and make our customers the hero so they can benefit from these great solutions too!

You can't survive in today's competitive market without integrating the three forces for success: technology, customer experience and leadership.

We believe a pioneering leader isn't just someone who breaks ground, so others can follow suit; rather, they set out into uncharted territory themselves while encouraging others around them to do likewise, risking everything because anything could happen.

We don't want you to get lost along your journey; instead, let us help guide you every step from now until you have reached Zeoform mastery.

Nature is our hero and our culture is our message.

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Paying it Forward

One of the best ways to pay it forward is to donate funds to Zeo’s not-for-profit - Zeo Foundation. The Zeo Foundation exists to provide subsidised Training, Licensing and Innovation for those that can’t afford it.

If you are inspired to partner with change-makers like Zeo IP, let’s spread technology, innovation and new opportunities where they can do the most good

Are you living an abundant life but worrying about climate change and our future? Do you want to use your resources to do some good but you’re not sure where to start? Look no further. Zeo Foundation is the perfect fit!


Our Team is Our Inspiration

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Alf Wheeler
Chief Executive Officer

Alf Wheeler has been working with industrial materials for over 40 years and is a recognised thought leader in renewability and supply chain management.

Alf’s focus is to grow the Zeo IP brand internationally.

<img src=“Matt.png” alt=“Matt Champion smiling”>
Matthew Champion
Resident Innovation Expert

Business innovation expert Matthew Champion is a government and industry recognised educator and consultant

Matthew’s focus is to ensure everything Zeo IP does is innovative, progressive and sustainable.

<img src=“Martin.png” alt=“Martin Ernegg smiling”>
Martin Ernegg
Resident Cellulose Expert

Microfibrillated cellulose expert Martin Ernegg has been researching and developing sustainable materials and applications for 40 years.

Martin runs Zeo IP’s manufacturing and prototyping operations in Australia.

<img src=“Brandon.png” alt=“Brandon Strickland”>
Brandon Strickland
Managing Director, Zeo Labs Canada

Brandon Strickland is an entrepreneur with a successful track record in building and scaling ethical businesses.

Brandon is the Managing Director of Zeo Labs Canada.

<img src=“Jesse.png” alt=“Jesse Bird smiling”>
Jesse Bird
Research and Development Manager, Zeo Labs Canada

Jesse Bird is an award-winning Canadian architect with experience in product development and material engineering.

Jesse leads product research and development for Zeo Labs Canada and Zeo IP.

<img src=“Alessio.png” alt=“Alessio Gamba headshot”>
Alessio Gamba
Zeo Italy, Managing Director

Alessio Gamba is an information technology expert with a background in European business development.

Alessio is the Managing Director of Zeo Italy.

<img src=“Jodee.png” alt=“Jodee Sydney smiling”>
Jodee Sydney
Customer Development Manager

Jodee is a network builder with a passion for sustainability.

Jodee loves linking innovators with new technology opportunities across the world.

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