Helping Businesses Throughout The World to Grow and Succeed Since 2010

At Zeoform we believe in change that is good for everyone and everything. 

Put simply, our goal is the same as yours: to scale your business and make the world a better place. Our greatest joy is helping you every step of the way on your journey of business growth, education and sustainability. 

This is the opportunity that’s in front of you today.  

Together we can and together we will bring about change for the greater good.

Alf Wheeler, CEO Zeoform


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Our Culture Is Our

We are committed to revolutionising the way products are made and used.

All truly great businesses integrate the three driving forces of modern business success: technology, customer experience and transformational leadership.

We believe it’s not enough to just have successful products without a sustainable business culture. We actively maintain a pioneering mindset together with business best-practice approaches to teamwork and user experience, that delivers tonnes of sustained meaning, results and personal belonging.

Nature is our hero and our culture is our message.

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Giving Back Is Our Nature

Everything we do at Zeoform is underpinned with inspiration, innovation, sustainability and technology. This is embedded into all educational programs, customer service and “giving back” programs that help and support people and the planet.

To facilitate this we run the “Zeo Foundation” as the not-for-profit arm of our business that provides education and skills development for local communities and aspiring leaders worldwide.

If you are inspired to partner with change-makers like Zeoform, let’s spread self-awareness, knowledge and new opportunities where it can do the most good.


Our Team is Our Inspiration

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Alf Wheeler
Co-founder and CEO

Experienced business owner and career entrepreneur, Alf understands what it takes to grow and scale a successful business. Alf has built and owned multiple successful raw material ventures during his career. Alf’s commitment is to the health of our planet and discovering new sustainable process technologies to make that happen.

Alf is a visionary with a purpose.

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Matt Champion
Consultant COO

Specialising in business growth and transformation, Matt started his career in chartered accounting and corporate finance, before changing gears to focus on business innovation and culture. Matt’s diverse experience is a huge asset to Zeoform, helping customers and business partnerships to grow.

Matt is a visionary with a purpose.

<img src=“Martin.png” alt=“Martin Ernegg smiling”>
Martin Ernegg
Consultant Specialist Engineer

Sustainability and raw materials expert, Martin has spent the majority of his life in laboratories developing and working with nanocellulose fibres. Martin is the scientific engine behind Zeoform technology and is committed to being of service to all people and our planet.

Martin is a visionary with a purpose.

<img src=“Alessio.png” alt=“Alessio Gamba headshot”>
Alessio Gamba
Italian Representative

Alessio is passionate about linking businesses and entrepreneurs to new opportunities to grow and scale their vision. When he is not out scouting for new business connections or delivering solutions to our highly valued clients, Alessio dreams of linking Zeoform technology across all sectors in the world.

Alessio is a visionary with a purpose.

<img src=“Jodee.png” alt=“Jodee Sydney smiling”>
Jodee Sydney
Customer Development Manager

Jodee is an award-winning sustainability business entrepreneur with a passion for the environment and loves linking thought leaders across the world. One of Jodee’s gifts is to help others clarify who they are, what they want and how they are going to get there.

Jodee is a visionary with a purpose.

<img src=“Jesse.png” alt=“Jesse Bird smiling”>
Jesse Bird
Design Leader and Education Consultant

Jesse holds a Master of Architecture with award-winning credentials running sustainable housing and ecological projects. Jesse’s passion is connecting local resources with transformative technologies to boost local economies.

Jesse is a visionary with a purpose.

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