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A Zeoform Revolution

06 Aug Zeo News | Comments
A Zeoform Revolution

“A little rebellion is a good thing” Thomas Jefferson

A revolution comes in all different shapes and sizes and can completely change the way the world works. The French revolution changed the way democracy works, the industrial revolution made the world a more productive place and of course the internet revolution changed the way we communicate and is helping us in all sorts of ways many thought impossible.

Crowdfunding has altered how companies,projects and causes are funded in a really positive way, putting the power into the peoples hands and giving everyone a sneak preview of a different world (see Kickstarter/Indiegogo). The ‘information explosion’ from the internet is allowing humanitarian organisations to change the way aid is delivered – they can  allocate resources, passing knowledge and skills via the internet far more efficiently (Abundance TED Talk by Peter Diamondis).

The Zeoform revolution is about changing the way we make, use and dispose of the stuff in our consumer driven, throwaway society the stuff that Nature simply cannot break down. Zeoform is a part of the movement of sustainable organisations that want to change the world, make it easier for mother nature, letting her recover! In the process of making Zeoform we ‘lock up’ carbon molecules from waste and turn them into functional forms that are totally non-toxic and 100% compostable when disposed of.

By Max Haim



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